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Frequently asked questions


What can I expect in your Zoom Class?

You can choose any subject matter you like! Nita and her class participants love to hear your ideas. We can help you achieve your goals with advice on technique, equipment, mediums, where to shop for the best value, and what to look for. We love a good laugh, and it's great fun.

This is the same model as in the real world class situation, unfortunately it is less hands on, but much safer under the circumstances during the COVID pandemic.

I’m nervous about joining; how can you help me?

All new students are nervous to a greater or lesser degree. We welcome ALL levels. Even the teacher has her wobbly days and makes work that’s fit for the bin. You don’t have to share what you are doing, but it does help so that we can help you; but you can share privately and get advice through WhatsApp or email.

I don’t have any equipment and don’t know what to bring to the session?

In the first session just bring yourself and see what the others are doing, chat to us, share your ambitions and get guidance on anything you want. If you want to show us your work that's great too.

What is the class structure?

One by one; turn up on zoom, have a chat about what you want to do, get some advice, clear a space for yourself and get to work. You will hear the sound of concentration, laughter, making coffee and dipping your brush in it!

Why don’t you TEACH?

My experience of long term classes means that fully directed teaching alienates people who need to be truly independent; this stops them asking for help when they need it. Not everyone wants to do the same thing. Skills workshops are separate from these classes; you will be informed when these happen; guided classes range from portraiture to printmaking.

Can you set me a project if I have no idea?

Yes, and I can tailor it to your needs.

What are your Qualifications?

? I have a 1st Class Honours Degree (2009) in Art And Design from BCU and hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Post Compulsory Education and Training with Qualified Teaching and Learning Status. (PGCE PCET with QTLS)

What is your experience?

As Foundation Art Course Director at Cadbury College I designed and delivered The Foundation Diploma in Art & Design until the course closed. I was a student mentor from 2008 at BCU alongside teaching Foundation Art & Design at BCU School of Art Bournville from 2010. I have been teaching art in communities since 2009. I teach ART APPRECIATION; I’m an avid researcher and love to help you decode art that people often struggle to understand. I can’t and don’t want to do anything else; why would I?


My centres are currently closed. l am not allowed to take payment for my services; however, funding from Arts Council England has enabled me to provide this service for free. The situation will be reviewed in September as to whether it is safe for students and financially viable to continue in the ‘real world’.